Off the Beaten Track丨Klone 4.0--An AI-empowered Cell Line Development Platform Makes Debut

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September 16th,2020 Press Release


Off the Beaten Track丨Klone 4.0--An AI-empowered Cell Line Development Platform Makes Debut


[2020/9/2, Dongguan]The three-day MedInvest International Conference was officially concluded at 9 P.M. (Hongkong Time) on September 10, 2020. Michael Chen, CEO of Great Bay Bio, was invited to attend the conference and publicly demonstrated Klone4.0 platform for the first time, echoing the call of the integration of artificial intelligence and bio-pharmaceutical industries. During the "one-to-one" session, GBB’s technology caught eyes of world-class institutions, pharmaceutical innovators and industry investors who in turn expressed their interests to work in partnership with Great Bay Bio and looked forward to the official launch of Klone4.0 platform on October 15.

MedInvest International Conference boasts a professional platform which is tailored to boost communications among participants from big data, digital health and other fields. GBB’s Klone4.0 platform serves as a pioneer to use artificial intelligence technology to develop cell lines, and rapidly analyzes and locates high-yielding cells via cell image recognition and AI algorithm. Moreover, it enjoys obvious market competitive edges and broad investment space as it is capable of selecting high-yield monoclonal cells through unique single-cell selection technology.


Klone4.0 platform not only gets off the beaten track of traditional drug research and development and reducing much intensive labors, but also greatly improves the possibility of success in screening process. It features fast, cost-effective, high yield rate and zero risk, which upgrades the working process and drives cell line development toward high-tech era.


"The MedInvest International Conference offers a “one-on-one” session where many of the world's leading institutions, drug innovators and industry investors are also in," Chen says. In the process of business negotiation, Klone4.0 platform has caught eyes of many peer companies and investment institutions due to its obvious advantages including "AI-empowered", "time and effort saving", "high quality", to name but a few. This is the icing on the cake for the official launch of our Klone 4.0 platform on October 15."


About Great Bay Bio

Headquartered in Hong Kong, GBB is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to applying artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies to CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, Control) for development of biopharmaceuticals and other blue ocean bio-products (such as cell therapy), ultimately solving numerous pain points of CMC development, including high failure rates, long development timeline and high costs. Since the company’s establishment, it has obtained massive data from conventional biologics development in its 3100 m2 CMC facilities in Dongguan, PRC. With over RMB 300M investment, the facilities bolster advance equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. GBB has also successfully brought a number of biologic products to NDA stage, some of which are classified as national class I innovative drugs. Currently, the company has created the intelligent centralized database, where deep learning is being performed to create next generation AI-enabled CMC platforms. To learn more, please visit


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