Great Bay Bio and MNC Kickstart Strategic Cooperation for AI-Driven Cell Culture Media Development


Hong Kong
October 11, 2023

Great Bay Bio (GBB), a pioneering AI-enabled biotechnology company, and a renowned multinational corporation (MNC) in the life science industry have officially launched a strategic cooperation centered around AI-driven cell culture media development. Based on the powerful development capabilities of GBB's AI-enabled culture database platform (AlfaMedX) and the value and management of MNC's global supply chain, this project will provide more high-quality media products and solutions for numerous biopharmaceutical companies worldwide, helping to improve the resilience of the global culture media industry chain.

Great Bay Bio and MNC Kickstart Strategic Cooperation for AI-Driven Cell Culture Media Development

The collaboration will encompass technology platform access, out-licensing, and royalty fee distribution based on global sales of media formulas, thereby enhancing both the MNC's competitive edge and service capabilities. This partnership will also enable GBB to participate in the cell culture media development, optimization processes and the cell culture media supply at various stages of drug R&D, leveraging the MNC’s extensive bioprocessing expertise.

Mr. Kingsley Leung expressed, "This strategic partnership with the MNC marks a significant step forward in realizing GBB’s vision of 'Global Bioprocessing Made Simpler and More Efficient.' The cell culture media market, valued at several billion dollars, is vast and ever-expanding, and our partner is one of the market leaders in the space. By applying our AI-enabled cell culture media development platform across the life science sector globally, we are showcasing its innovation and practicality. This testifies to GBB’s profitability and positive market prospect. With the support of GBB’s mature and specialized AI-enabled technology platforms, we anticipate that the MNC will further expand its business scope and customer network, enhancing its profitability and reinforcing its industry leadership.”