AI-enabled Site-Specific Integration Cell Line Development Platform



Cell line development (CLD) plays a pivotal role in determining the robustness and cost-effectiveness of downstream bioprocessing development. Great Bay Bio developed a proprietary AlfaCell platform that applies Site-Specific Integration (SSI) technology and AI-enabled cell selection to accurately insert the target genes into specific “hot spot” within the genome of a host cell line. AlfaCell platform significantly reduces time, effort, and cost that are associated with the development of high-performance mammalian cell lines.

Why Choose AlfaCell Platform?

Time-saving & Labor-saving

Only one 96-well plate for monoclone screening and only 3 months for monoclone.

High-yield & Stable

Higher-than-industry-average titer and quality, 100% stability.

Early Process Development for BsAb and ADC

Obtain predictive cell pools within 6 weeks. Able to kick off ADC and BsAb process development and quality assessment ahead of schedule.


Case Study

Strategic Partnership Models

    AlfaCell RCB: Construction from DNA to high-yield and stable RCB
    AlfaCell Out-licensing
    Customized AlfaCell development: Develop your own cell line into a Site-Specific Integration (SSI) platform