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Evaluating hydrophobic groups, charge distribution, and degree of humanization on the surface of antibodies provides early hints and improvements to potential candidate molecules, reduces trial-and-error costs, and accelerates the process of new drug discovery and development.

Cell Line Development

AlfaCell platform that applies Site-Specific Integration (SSI) technology and AI-enabled cell selection to accurately insert the target genes into specific “hot spot” within the genome of a host cell line. AlfaCell platform significantly reduces time, effort, and cost that are associated with the development of high-performance mammalian cell lines.

Cell Culture Media Development

AlfaOPA platform integrates the dry and wet experimental platforms of Great Bay Bio to establish a key component metabolic model for multiple cell lines. By comparing and simulating with the optimal metabolic model, it generates optimized supplements. The culture media development work can be completed in a single step by adding these to the existing culture media.

Detection and Analysis

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